Random OOC Post is Random

Guys guys guys! So I woke up thinking today was going to be a really crappy day because I haven’t been having that great of a week with midterms and roommate drama and life in general deciding to be cruddy. But my English professor TOTALLY fixed that and put me in the most awesome mood. we spent a good 10 minutes during and after my first class with him today talking about SHIPPING. (shipping in the sense of harry potter to be exact but still!) He ships Snape/Hermione! Then afterclass me and another girl ended up explaining to him the concepts of cannon vs non cannon shipping, crack shipping, fannon shipping. 

then in the next class ( have two classes, one after the other, with him) he proceeds to have make aside comments about shipping 1. McGonagall/Lockhart (but only as a fling XD) and 2. Hamlet/Dr. Faustus. 

This totally made my day and put me in the best mood XD.  though I’m not going to lie. For about 10 minutes after this happened I was slightly mortified that my favorite professor now pretty much knows of my secret (not so secret anymore) addiction to tumblr….

But then I just decided to cut my losses and enjoy the fact my self admitted snobby english professor (who by the way dresses remarkably like the eleventh doctor XD) is a closet tumblrite.